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Semaine de la mode de New York avec un budget limité : Recréer certains de nos looks préférés

Faites vibrer la piste (ou simplement votre quartier) avec un budget limité grâce à des looks inspirés de la Semaine de la mode de New York, sur la piste et hors de la piste.

1. Breezy Glim Magenta

Of course I had to start off with this magenta sheer knit dress - after all, Viva Magenta is Pantone's Color of The Year. Influencers and fashionistas alike were seen sporting the bold hue in various styles. The playful and eye-catching shade added a pop of color to the streets and made a statement on its own. Don't be afraid to add a touch of this lively color to your wardrobe and embrace the magenta trend. Guaranteed to make you a little happier this 2023.

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2. Bella Crystal Velvet Coffee Brown

I bear good news: velvet, studded shoes, and ballet flats are still a thing! And these velvet embellished ballet flats embody all three trends. The combination of the classic ballet flat silhouette with the luxurious texture of velvet and gemstones makes for a stylish shoe that is both comfortable and on-trend. Influencers were seen wearing similar items with everything from flowy dresses to baggy jeans, proving that this versatile shoe is a must-have for any fashion-forward wardrobe.

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3. Flash Trench Coat Nutmeg Brown

Beige trench coats were a big hit off-runway, proving that timeless and tailored looks are still in style. Influencers were seen rocking these classic coats, adding a sophisticated touch to their outfits. Trench coats have been a staple in fashion for decades and their neutral beige hue makes them a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. Whether paired with a sleek dress and heels or casual jeans and sneakers, the beige trench coat adds a polished touch to any look.

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4. Hustle Top Clementine Orange

Bright orange is another popular shade on this year's palette. Not only this, but Y2K fashion seems to still be going strong. This orange ribbed top is inspired by those two things for an unafraid, fashion-forward look. This barely-there piece of cloth probably is worth thousands - but don't worry, our option is not only sustainable, but also good for your wallet. There's a reason this blog is has on a budget in the name.

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5. Protagonist Pants Black

These black tailored trousers say 'girl, you better work'. And I think that's a big old mood we saw among NYFW 2023's street style pioneers. Women in suits are sexy, period. Plus, tailored anything keeps your wardrobe timeless and always makes you look on point. Pair these with some nice ballet flats, loafers, blazers or trench coats.

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6. Night Owl Dress Garden

This floral midi dress was inspired by one particular floral pattern mix I saw on an influencer. Honestly, anything that celebrates nature's beauty is a yes from me. While I was hoping to see maxi hemlines make a comeback, the midi length was a close runner-up. It's amazing how everyone seems to be an expert at combining different patterns these days, but I'm still trying to figure out how to mix stripes and polka dots without looking like a walking circus.

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7. Go Getter Black

One of my favorite street style looks was chunky black platform boots similar to these, paired with black bermuda shorts. I loved seeing that high knee boots are still in, but especially those with platform soles, not necessarily heels (ouchie). This 90's inspired grunge look has made a comeback and these boots are the perfect addition to any edgy, punk-inspired outfit. They're also versatile, transitioning easily from day to night.

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8. Luke Onix Black Leather Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are still going strong I'm thrilled! I haven't worn a pair since 2009, but they're the perfect addition to this year's street style trends. Patent leather, like these black beauties, adds a touch of vintage charm. Pair with tailored pieces or distressed denim for versatile style. As seen on and off the runway, we're circling away from chunky soles and back to flat, low-heeled styles.

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Silver is shining bright on the streets of New York this Fashion Week! Cosmic vibes are still in full swing and these silver leather pumps are at the forefront of the futuristic trend. From shoes to trousers, dresses, and accessories, silver is making a statement in every form. For maximum impact, I'd pair these with an all-silver, all-black or all-denim look. Thoughts?

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10. The O Evergreen Bag

Sculptural handbags are still in the game, and our iconic round green leather handbag is no exception! Despite the return of maxi bags, this trend is still being seen during Fashion Week, and in even chunkier, more daring formats, like braided leather. The unique shape adds a pop of playful flair to any outfit. What do you think? Are you a fan?

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