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5 Trends We Love From the Spring/Summer London Fashion Week Shows

Nothing like watching the London Fashion Week runway (from my screen). Here's the 5 spring/summer trends that stood out.


Fashion Week has spoken, and it's telling us that high-knee boots are back (or rather, they never left). And not just high-knees, but also OTKs (over-the-knee boots). And we get why they're so timeless–they literally go with everything. Plus, it's been proven that they can be worn all year round. Our pro tip for spring/summer? Go for fun styles like denim or print.

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2. Anna Grey Blazer

Elegant, but slightly relaxed. Slightly oversized, as well. Black suits, even leather jackets–you name it. Wear them with sneakers for an extra grungy feel. Make sure to combine this trend with low hemlines and big, big bags. Gargantuan, in fact (any Succession fans here?).

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3. Delicate Blue Tricot Midi Dress

I was never a fan of cobalt blue myself, since every time I've seen it it'd be on cheap fabrics for some reason. But this whole ocean of beauty has converted me… And it totally makes sense for spring. It's rich, it's elegant, it's luxurious… And I can't get enough of it. For this color, I recommend a monochrome outfit such as a skirt and jacket or a long dress.

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4. Abule White Shirt

And what do you know, white shirts and structured styles are still super relevant. These babies came back sometime last year and they're still going strong. Plus, they're one of the most versatile pieces you can own, meaning they're definitely something to get several versions of: basic, pleated, with lace…

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I knew the 2010s were coming back, but not this soon. However, this is a trend I can get my hands on. Duck egg, pistachio, mint, coriander, you name it. This color is making a comeback in footwear and ready-to-wear alike. And I for one am not complaining.

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