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Ecco la nostra Top 10 dei capi essenziali del guardaroba invernale

Stivali da combattimento, gilet trapuntati e un pizzico di colori pastello: ecco la nostra top 10 dei capi essenziali del guardaroba invernale.

El hype por el 2023 se ha desvanecido rápidamente, y de nuevo nos encontramos en ese "enero interminable" que tanto despreciamos. La monotonía ha vuelto y no sabemos qué hacer con nosotros mismos, especialmente en lo que se refiere a nuestras elecciones de moda. Pero no te preocupes: una vez más estoy aquí, al rescate, para decirte que este año no hay nada que diga que tienes la vida resuelta como tener unos buenos básicos de armario para el invierno. ¿Qué significa esto? Significa sentirte conjuntada y en tu mejor momento, 24 horas al día, 7 días a la semana. Y no sólo eso, sino que al crearlo, liberarás un montón de espacio en tu armario y no tendrás que estresarte más. Basta con que reúnas un armario cápsula compuesto por prendas útiles y duraderas que puedas mezclar y combinar eternamente. La clave aquí es elegir calidad en lugar de cantidad, ya que esto te ahorrará dinero a largo plazo (¡y te ayudará a estar lista más rápido por las mañanas!).

No importa el motivo: tanto si estás buscando hacer limpieza en tu armario como si simplemente estás aburrida y quieres explorar las profundidades del mal gusto que tenías en 2011, elegir tus prendas esenciales de invierno no es nada menos que beneficioso.

Ahora, sin más preámbulos, déjame guiarte a través de mis mejores selecciones sobre prendas esenciales del armario de invierno. Prepárate para los tonos nude, los mocasines y las gabardinas, todos disponibles para comprar de forma sostenible en nuestro sitio web con hasta un 30% de descuento.

10 Winter Wardrobe Essentials

1. Can Can Black Croco

For a good winter wardrobe capsule, you need a pair of all-purpose black leather combat boots! These are especially sturdy and stylish because of their thick platform sole with good grip (which we need for those rainy and muddy days) and black laces. This style in particular has faux croc leather which gives it that extra bit of edge. I would wear these with high knee socks and a pleated skirt for vintage academia vibes!

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I don't know about you, but for me, a black quilted vest is the quintessential childhood item of clothing. And I'm so glad they've made a comeback in these last few years! We're seeing them all across the high street in long sleeve form, but this piece here is unique for its cropped, sleeveless look. The perfect piece to wear under a long and thick coat, or on its own on a sunny winter day with a white turtleneck underneath.

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Brown is the new black, I always say. So when it comes to basic footwear, these brown platform loafers are at the top of my list. An easy pick for those who like to look a little taller without having to wear very obvious heels (no hate!), this style is a timeless classic and goes well with anything. My go-to is definitely black pencil trousers, a pair of funky high knee socks and a cashmere turtleneck sweater.

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Whenever you're at a loss for what to put on but still want to seem put together, a long black cardigan is your best bet. Equal parts cozy and chic, this piece always gives off coffee-filled countryside cottage vibes, in the best way possible. Plus, if for whatever reason you feel your outfit isn't flattering, it works as the perfect safety blanket. I would wear this with a white poplin blouse, some stone washed jeans and a pair of velvet ballet flats.

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Of course a brown trench coat was going to make an apparition on this list. If you've read me before, then you know that this piece is my ultimate favorite. Mac coats will never - repeat after me - ever go out of style. Its immaculate beige hue elevates any outfit and simply looks good with even the wildest of colors. Wear this with your favorite beret, a simple and cute shoulder bag, and some pleated trousers.

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While these brown knee high chelsea boots may not come to mind when thinking about winter wardrobe essentials, they're definitely one to keep in mind for your capsule. These gorgeous high knees have all the perks of a regular ankle chelsea boot, but they have that extra edge - wear these with a matching pleated mini skirt, white high knee socks, and a powerful cropped leather jacket for a sexy park ranger look.

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You can never go wrong with a black ribbed cardigan - dress it up with embellished flats and a pencil skirt, or make it casual by wearing nothing underneath and undoing a couple (or more) buttons. I'd definitely pair this with platform loafers and some silver jewelry to elevate the outfit. FYI, from my personal experience, this one's a winner for job interviews!

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These babies are another guilty pleasure of mine - you should always add at least one or two star pieces to your wardrobe capsule. In this case, these lilac ankle boots take the cake. Our vintage-inspired boot models have camel-colored soles and a wooden-effect heel, which makes any outfit look stunning. You want to make these the key piece of the outfit, so definitely go for nude, tan or white shades for the rest of your look.

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9. Mount Suede Pine Grove Green

These green suede cowboy boots are among my all-time favorite ALOHAS pieces, and are also the first pair of cowboy boots I ever owned. These gorgeous and understated boots go well with most anything - I particularly recommend bermuda shorts and a sweater vest (extra points for that cowboy hat if you feel like going all the way). Plus, if you're one who doesn't want to wear cowboy boots that are too out there, these subtle beauties are just the thing.

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Last but not least, my extra guilty pleasure for the wardrobe capsule. These black and white cowboy boots have a unique snake (ish?) pattern design that will turn heads everywhere. Plus, the color palette goes with literally anything, so you won't be worrying about how to combine these. My recommendation is a good pair of flared jeans and a denim jacket for that full look!

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