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Ecco i nostri migliori outfit con stivali alti fino al ginocchio

Dai classici punti fermi con outfit monocromatici alle audaci piattaforme, abbiamo raccolto 10 outfit con stivali al ginocchio per l'autunno-inverno.

Fashion victim, trend scout e fan di Gilmore Girls, gioite! Il periodo più bello dell'anno è arrivato. Feste chi? No, sto parlando del momento in cui iniziare a fare un giro con gli stivali al ginocchio.

Esatto! Se conoscete ALOHAS, sapete che gli stivali alti sono la nostra specialità. Sono i preferiti dai fan e c'è un motivo: sono super versatili e facilmente abbinabili. È così strano pensare che un tempo gli stivali alti al ginocchio non significavano nulla per me. Non riuscivo a immaginarmi mentre li indossavo e nemmeno ad avere qualcosa con cui abbinarli. Mi sbagliavo. Gli stivali sopra il ginocchio sono facilmente tra i migliori punti fermi dell'autunno-inverno che si possano possedere. Non sono una semplice tendenza, sono un classico, un elemento essenziale del guardaroba, ben oltre le sciarpe o le giacche a vento. Ravvivano immediatamente un outfit e lo rendono più alla moda, sia che siate più amanti dei classici stivali neri o delle zeppe, sia che vogliate optare per stili audaci come il verde, l'ecopelle o il patchwork. Inoltre, mantengono le gambe calde, senza sacrificare la moda al comfort. Non sottovalutate mai il potere dell'utilità.

Allora, ho setacciato le profondità di Internet, le riviste di moda e Instagram per raccogliere i 10 migliori outfit con stivali al ginocchio che vi serviranno per tutto l'inverno. Preparatevi a innamorarvi di questi capi.

ALOHAS Picks: 10 Knee-High Boots Outfits for Fall/Winter


Our first pick is equal parts statement piece, equal parts adaptable. These suede cowboy boots were the first knee-high boots I ever owned, and they deserve all credit for opening a door for me in fashion I didn't know I could enter. First of all, I love these because their green color is dark enough to go with anything while still giving your outfit some flare. They're really easy to put on and they have a low heel which means you can literally walk around for ages in these without your feet hurting. The pointed toe is also a plus. Definitely wear these with a short skirt; denim will do the trick. For a full cowboy look, do a suit vest and a hat. Giddy up!

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Ah, yes - the ALOHAS signature chunky knee-high boot. The Katiuskas have been a bestseller since we launched them, and for good reason. These chunky white high knees feel like walking on the moon (and they're appropriate for it, too!). Their platform sole offers good enough grip to walk in rugged surfaces without hurting yourself. Plus, they're deceivingly easy to clean. I see many influencers wear this with denim rompers, pleated skirts and high knee socks. My recommendation? Go for an oversized blazer and bermudas instead.

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Here it is - the classic black piece. The boots that Lorelai Gilmore wishes she had known about. These black block heel boots are the perfect item for knee-high beginners - they're a safe pair that you can wear forever without worrying about how to combine them. If you're going casual, definitely wear them over a pair of skinny jeans or even under some flares if you're not confident in them yet. As for me, I would rock these in a little black dress, no doubt. Throw on a cropped cardigan and you've won the fall winter season.

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Speaking of Lorelai... Burgundy high knee boots are also a 90's - early 00's fashion staple and a piece that easily makes an outfit shine. If you're not into black everything and are the kind of person who goes for rich maroon tones when doing your nails, then do the same for footwear. It's chic, it's classy, it's timeless - I'd love to color coordinate these with a burgundy leather jacket and a light cream skirt for contrast.

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Probably my star piece of the selection. These vintage-inspired brown and white high knee boots have an adorable white toe that reminds me of anything the girls from Twin Peaks would wear. Definitely pair these up with a maxi flared skirt or even throw in some flannel. Their stone washed tan appearance definitely gives them that vintage feel - you can tell it's premium quality leather and I'm all for that.

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This one's a killer piece and it's been a success since it was launched - these brown chelsea high knee boots come in different colors to meet all of your tastes, so go check them out! For me, what makes this shoe is that wavy pattern above the sole. It's pretty much tempting me to eat it. The perfect outfit that comes to mind here is a beige trench coat and a pencil skirt to make these babies pop out.

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Now, I know what you're thinking - dark blue high knee boots? Not sure about that one. But take a closer look - it's such a subtle shade of indigo that it almost goes by unnoticed. There's also a certain cosmic element to it - it's like staring out into the stars in space. To make these shine, I would definitely go for one of those low rise midi skirts, those 90's ones that Rachel Green would wear. Extra points if it has some embroidery on it - can you picture it? Definitely wear a bodysuit or tube top to match and voilà! In some instances, blue truly is better than black.

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Look at the shine on these! These green croc high knee boots are spectacularly daring but are my new favorite fall winter staple right now. I've never been a fan of animal fur or leather, regardless of whether it was faux or not. And don't get me started with leopard. But for some reason, the satisfying uniformity of faux croc leather just called out to me. Plus, look at that gorgeous green! This wonderpair can be combined with anything from a dark blazer coat to even a long cocoon puffer. Choice is yours.

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Can you guess what my favorite color is by this point? I think these green high knee boots are the first ALOHAS item I ever fell madly in love with. But alas, I still do not have my hands on them. One day, though. I think this shade of green is a very accomplished one - it's hard to dye leather and not make it look cheap.

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Alright, so I'm obsessed with patchwork boots. Sue me. Whether it's jackets, skirts, gloves or anything else, patchwork just works. Besides, did you know that patchwork pattern originated as a way of reducing waste by literally 'patching up' different types of leather together? If you've read my last blog, you know that these are the first ALOHAS boots I ever owned - they were a gift! I normally recommend going for slip dresses with this, but some nice neutral shorts, a puffy blouse and vest might look just as gorgeous.

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