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Siéntete invencible con estos 10 conjuntos de botas de combate

Piel vegana, ojales infinitos, suelas gruesas y una elegancia innegable: aquí tienes 10 conjuntos de botas de combate que molan.

Oh, cómo nos gusta coger ropa militar y convertirla en moda. Chaquetas militares, estampados de camuflaje... Y, por supuesto, las botas de combate, el calzado más vanguardista.

Para mí, personalmente, las botas de combate hacen que todo parezca cien veces más cool. Como amante de la moda de los 90, no puedo evitar imaginarme pavoneándome con ellas por la ciudad. En los últimos tiempos, hemos visto a artistas de la talla de Kaia Gerber y Hailey Bieber llevar botas de combate. Y entiendo por qué: favorecen la pierna aunque no tengan tacón. Sus cómodas plataformas gruesas no solo ofrecen un buen agarre, sino que también favorecen la zona del tobillo y "endurecen" cualquier look (si así lo quieres). Créeme, me toman más en serio cuando llevo botas de combate. Excepto si las pongo sobre vaqueros y se arrugan. Nunca hagas eso.

Aunque para algunos resulten desalentadoras, estoy aquí para demostrarte que las botas de combate son en realidad extremadamente versátiles y combinan prácticamente con todo. Tanto si quieres combinarlas con un vestido de flores, una falda de cuero, o ir a por todas en plan grunge de los 90 con unos vaqueros y una franela, voy a repasarte algunos de mis conjuntos favoritos de botas de combate ALOHAS para que no te quedes corta esta temporada. Además -como su nombre indica- son perfectas para combatir el frío (¡ja!).

10 Invincible Combat Boots Outfits For Fall/Winter


Alright, here's what's up. Whatever you've been told about white leather all your life is a lie. What was tacky before is tacky no longer. Get with the times! Plus, this is beige, not white. But whatever. The point is, when it comes to looking for a reliable pair of combat boots, people like to already plan what they're going to wear them with. But that's not a good idea! Boots should be bought because you're in love with them, and white isn't usually at the top of the list. Combinations should come later. Lucky for you, combat boots are super versatile. I would combine this light and sunny pair with a floral dress, a mini skirt, or some light blue jeans. Thoughts?



Whoa! There's nothing quite like the confidence boost you get from wearing a funky and colorful pair of combat boots. And this bottle green, vegan model is no exception. The Gouache (inspired by the pigment) is equal parts grungy equal parts fashionable. It takes that deep emerald color and gives it that biker chick spin, which we love. I've worn these with dark jeans and a leather jacket and I am just enamored. For a softer look, pair it with a trench coat and light jeans. That right there is a fall/winter uniform.



If you ask me, the Peak model is an excellent choice for those who are only now dipping their toes into the world of combat boots. They're fun, because instead of laces, they have a very stylish front zipper and a comfy grip sole that makes them look like chelsea boots from the side. Also, the fact that they're black means they go with anything by default. You can dress these up or down, but my recommendation is a cute turtleneck jumper, a maxi scarf and either some cute leggings (no, they're not out of style!) or some flared pants.



Okay, so if you know a little bit about me, then you know that brown is my all-time favorite color for fashion, and combat boots are no exception. There's nothing that I love to strut around town with more than these extremely sexy stompers. Naturally, I fell for their chelsea boot appeal with the side panels and the platform sole. But there's more to them than that - they're the perfect height and really flatter your calves (and I know mine need some sprucing). I would choose to wear these with a crisp pair of white jeans, a soft cardigan and a long blazer coat.



Black is a classic, and it ain't ever going anywhere. I mean, the default color for combat boots is black, and you've seen it everywhere: influencers, models, biker chicks, hikers, and more. But this black combat boot model has a special twist - the faux crocodile pattern. I know, right? This gorgeous pair is one of our most loved, and I can see why. The subtleness of the pattern is sophisticated because it's unassuming, which also makes it easy to combine with anything. To wear these babes formally, I recommend an all black look - black office pants and a black blazer, brightened only by a white turtleneck.



Now, these stunning combat boots are laceless and have side panels, which makes them intersect with the chelsea boot vibe. However, their technical shape make them purely combat (plus, the camo color). They have quite a chunky platform and side zippers, so you can slip them on in a jiffy. I also love that they're slightly higher than ankle height. But besides all this, what makes me marvel at these rare beauties is their olive green color. It makes them perfect as boots for those colder early spring days, and works like a charm for all of fall and winter. Definitely wear these with a light, patterned skirt (think peach, blush pink, cream) and a cute roll neck jumper.



Okay, so for those bold dressers out there - this is the ultimate biker chick combat boot par excellence. Just look at them. I love how rough around the edges they are. For starters, they have eleven eyelets. ELEVEN. That's quite a lot. I love seeing the contrast between the silver and the black, and the very defined square toe is what does it for me. One just feels so empowered wearing these (and tempted to kick their enemies). The piece that you must wear with these is 100% a long leather jacket, a mini skirt or leather bermudas, some bold black sunglasses and a big attitude. Thank me later.



These babies are perfect if you want to keep it simple. As I always fervently defend, light colors are awesome for fall and winter. I know most of you are afraid to get lighter colored combat boots dirty with mud and rain, but luckily these are super easy to clean and to take care of. To combine, I would go for a patterned maxi skirt (I'm thinking flannel, Twin Peaks vibes) and of course a light beige trench, in case you want to make it French. C'est très chic!



Now at first glance, maybe these combat boots don't catch your eye. But look at them again. Hard. See that? Yeah, that's what happened to me. The more I look at them, the more I become enthralled with that rich iris color. I think it's subtle and classy, but it still makes a statement. I can totally imagine myself wearing these with a navy and white sailor jumper or top and some light stonewashed jeans. I know, right? It instantly transforms an outfit, all because of that magical color. One for the history books!



Another khaki daydream. Honestly, this shade is one that will never ever go out of style, and don't you forget it. And of course, it goes great on combat boots. Now you can hide from your ex in the bushes, no problem. When it comes to shades like these, I like the boots to do all the talking - wear neutral tones for this one, like a black slip dress with a short sleeve white top underneath. Super 90's Clueless vibes. Extra points for wearing high knee socks and rolling them like they're leg warmers!


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