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Ecco come ALOHAS interpreta il modo di abbinare i maglioni oversize

Amate l'atmosfera dei maxi maglioni, ma non sapete come indossarli? Continuate a leggere per scoprire come abbinare i maglioni oversize in qualsiasi periodo dell'anno.


10 Tips on How to Style Oversized Sweaters


The first item on this list embodies everything that oversized sweaters represent: coziness, comfort, and fashion. These white knit flared pants are made from the softest fabric and are elastic at the waist, so you can use them anywhere from bed, to the couch, to the office (let's normalize wearing loungewear outside!). Definitely combine this beauty with your favorite maxi sweater and a pair of simple leather sneakers.

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Speaking of sneakers - this white and green low top sneaker combo takes the cake, I dare say. With a touch of burgundy, it reminds us of autumn leaves against a deep green pond (hence the name)! To make this look a little more street casual, wear your favorite oversized sweater with these and a pair of straight, deep blue jeans. Make that look a 10/10 with a messy bun and some 90's sunnies!

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Black bermuda shorts are yet another of my all-time faves, and an oversized sweater makes them truly pop. Some of you may be trepidatious when it comes to wearing these - I know I used to (big thigh girl)! However, I've discovered the perfect way to make these look flattering - pair them with your best high knee boots. As for me, I lean towards cowbo, but feel free to dress it up any way you like!

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For at least the past 20 years, I've been in love with the whole preppy-East-Coast-summer-Kennedy look, and nothing says that like a white cotton shirt with a nice crisp collar sticking out of your sweater. Pair that with a pair of beige cotton chinos or bermudas and bam! You're in the elite. As for the shoes, either a pair of plain white leather sneakers or some strappy velcro sandals will do the trick. If you want to be a little extra, wear them with white socks.

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Nothing looks as dapper as a pair of black tailored trousers with your favorite oversized sweatshirt. I wear this outfit all the damn time and I never get tired of it. This is the perfect way to look put together but laid back. The key hairstyle for this, as everybody knows, is a messy bun. Some 90s vintage sunnies and you're as good as ever. For extra points I recommend small, thick hoops (I like silver, but whatever floats your boat) and plain white sneakers or loafers.

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This brown leather handbag is an absolute guilty pleasure of mine - I mean, just look at this thing. It's a maxi version of our standard O model, but split with two tones and gorgeous faux snake skin. I would definitely honor this bag by wearing toned down shades like whites or nudes - even some denim for contrast. What are your thoughts on this look? I'd love to know.

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Of course summer items had to make a little apparition here, since oversized sweaters are timeless. These black and white leather sandals are among the most special items I've seen at ALOHAS because of their V-shaped flip flop vibe plus the velcro strap. So 90s! So for this oversized sweater look, I would go for denim bermuda shorts. This is the perfect beach-to-city transition outfit, so you're safe to wear your bikini or swimsuit underneath for sure.

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This piece is the perfect item for a fall or winter maxi sweater outfit. These beige leather combat boots go great for those gorgeous brisk autumn walks (let's face it, you're dying for October to come to get those orange leaves against these beige boots on your IG story). These pair amazingly with denim and a maxi scarf for when it's not that cold.

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A black leather pouch always goes well with any outfit, and oversized sweaters are no exception. I usually go for these mini bags with straps anyway because one of those Y2K ones with a tiny shoulder strap just keep falling off (or don't even go up all the way to begin with). So, wearing one of these is your best and most comfy solution. For this look, I would go for a blazer coat and even a little polo shirt or blouse under your sweater. Pair this with some tailored trousers, hoops and loafers, and your outfit is acceptable anywhere.

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10. Harper Bicolor Red Magenta Leather Sandals

And to finish off, the dessert item - a funky, colorful piece. These chunky red and pink sandals made massive waves when they came out last year and I can see why - they're just so fun! I can totally picture myself wearing these in the summer with ecru linen or light knit pants and a white poplin blouse with a light cardigan. Plus, tan feet and nail polish will make these absolutely pop!

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