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Pianeta Cowboy: I nostri 10 migliori outfit con stivali da cowboy

Dalle punte argentate di ispirazione hollywoodiana agli audaci modelli in pelle di serpente, ecco gli stivali da cowboy di cui approfittare quest'autunno.

Vi siete mai chiesti perché gli autentici stivali da cowboy hanno la punta in metallo? O perché alcuni hanno il tacco, o perché alcune punte sono appuntite e altre squadrate? Nemmeno noi, fino a quando non ci siamo trovati di fronte al compito di disegnarne alcuni.

Oggi vi guidiamo attraverso 10 diversi outfit da cowboy che potrete mescolare e abbinare quest'autunno.

Proprio così, gli stivali da cowboy sono di nuovo in voga nel 2022. Sono tornati in auge negli ultimi decenni (grazie a Hollywood) e quest'anno sono particolarmente forti. Se è vero che la maggior parte di essi ha mantenuto le forme originali, come la punta appuntita o quadrata, il tacco inclinato o la parte superiore alta e cesellata, i moderni stivali da cowboy incorporano anche motivi astratti o kitsch, diverse altezze di tacco e colori vivaci. Probabilmente li avrete visti addosso a personaggi del calibro di Emily Ratajkowski, Gigi Hadid o Kendall Jenner, che ci hanno sempre dimostrato quanto possano essere versatili.

In tutta questa versatilità, tuttavia, ci sono sicuramente modi giusti e sbagliati di indossare gli stivali da cowboy, e noi non ne siamo estranei. Sono molto più specifici di un normale stivale al ginocchio con tacco a blocco, e ci sono dei grandi no quando si tratta di combinazioni di outfit. Per quanto ne sapete, potreste finire per assomigliare a Pennywise di "It" quando stavate solo cercando di incarnare Priyanka Chopra. Ed è qui che entriamo in gioco noi. Se stavate cercando degli abiti con stivali da cowboy, questo è il posto giusto.

Detto questo, cominciamo! Non preoccupatevi, qui ce n'è per tutti i gusti.

Here's Our 10 Cowboy Boot Picks for Fall


While many are reluctant to shop suede due to how it's not great with water and gets stained easily, we're big fans of these 'rough and tumble' type of cowboy boots for fall. Not only does suede provide that rugged, true-style desert feel, it's also warmer than traditional leather and feels nice to the touch.

With that said, cleaning suede is not as difficult as it's made out to be - vinegar and alcohol or a suede eraser will do the trick. We recommend pairing these with some bermudas and a leather jacket (extra points if they're also suede for a head to toe look)!

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A classic black Western cowboy boot is a no-brainer when it comes to wardrobe basics. Trust me, if Emily Ratajkowski has one, you'll eventually want one yourself. Our Mount Black model is nothing short of multitalented: equal parts shiny, equal parts comfortable, these high knees feature the traditional pointed toe and are wide enough at the calf to fit thick socks if that's your preference. The great thing about black cowboy boots is how invisible scratches and stains become - we're not saying anything, but rolling in the mud in these is defo allowed.

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Remember what I said earlier about metal toes? Yeah, you're about to find out. So it turns out that in the late 1800s, when cowboy boots became a thing for the first time, toe protection was very important. Not only does a steel toe tip offer that, but it also avoids scratches and overall damage to the toe area (plus, let's face it - it gives off that real cowboy feel). Our Buffalo Silver model is the perfect cowboy boot for fall because it gives a season of browns and oranges a much needed contrasting shade of blue and silver. These babies were out of stock for a long time, but now they're back and better than ever. Plus, they're our only ankle cowboy boot model, so they're extra special!

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Yee-haw, am I right? Nothing screams cowboy like snakeskin (don't worry, this one's faux). Truth be told, cowboy boots used to be made from all sorts of materials, including of course, snakeskin hide, among other reptiles. Our Mount Indo model in particular stands out from all the rest due to its shiny chocolate brown finish and impeccable detail.

I suggest pairing this with a white prairie dress to amp that Western vibe to the max (don't listen to the haters!) or alternatively, a simple yet elegant A-line midi dress. No clashing with other patterns - let the snakeskin do the talking (or hissing, ha!).

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5. Cattle Cream Leather Boots

Alright - so when it comes to cowboy boots, there's some that offer a slight difference in features. Turns out, square toes are a lot more useful because they're roomier (who would have thought?). Plus, walking was less painful for cowboys who weren't on horses all day and were mostly doing ranch work.

With that said, the same logic can be applied here. Pointed toes are definitely fashionable, but if you wave wide-set feet like me, square toes are your best friend. Make these the statement piece of your outfit and combine them with a handbag to match.

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Faux crocodile skin is yet another of the many leathers originally used for genuine Western cowboy boots. It's a very common pattern now, and is used not just for cowboy boots, but any type of leather boot, jackets and handbags. While you'd think that matching this with a similar accessory is the way to go, I'm here to tell you that that's a big mistake. Faux croc cowboy boots are worthy of a matching black blazer and either a mini or a pencil skirt. Both black - there's no way around it. Accessorize it with gold to make both colors pop out - a chained handbag or a statement necklace. A slicked-back bun and some bold sunglasses will magically turn you into the 6th Spice Girl: Cowboy Spice.

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Let's face it - brown is the color of the season, and everyone and their mother knows it. I'm a big fan of monochrome outfits, and I can't resist but suggest an all-brown outfit to match these chocolatey goodness cowboy boots. I've worn it and I swear by it: from the bottom to the top, match these babies with a brown pleated skirt (it has to be mini, but a pencil one is okay I guess) matched with either a dark brown or light beige sleeveless vest. Worried about the cold? Top it off with a magnificent, broad-shouldered trench. You're very welcome.

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Sorry! When it comes to two-tone boots, nobody does it better than us. The bicolor aesthetic has been with us from the beginning, and I can't believe it took us so long to transfer it to cowboy boots. This chic, sleek and seamless black and white Mount model is brand new, and it's 100% foolproof against us indecisive types. It's not all quite the same as our regular bicolor models, however - instead of it being split in half left to right, it's split front to back. Now that's special. For this look I recommend a white puffer jacket and some (yet again) black bermuda shorts. Yoko-Onno-meets-East-Coast-Vintage-academia vibes.

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9. Mount Dallas Black White

You've heard of snakeskin, now get ready for... Snake pattern! Or lizard. I'm not really sure. What I am sure of though, is that this long, spirally swirly thing is one of my favorite cowboy boot patterns ever. There's literally no downside to it. A couple of years ago I probably would have thought that this was too bold for my taste, but after trying these out and not only realizing they were super comfy and durable, I fell in love with how fearless I felt. Plus, I loved receiving compliments everywhere I went (a first!). For these, I imagine a black slip dress, minimal jewelry and a bolero sweater.

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Whoever said white leather was a crime didn't know that fashion always comes back. The things we hate when we're young are the same ones that we always begin to wear (we say) 'ironically', before we realize that we, quite simply, love them. Plus, the wooden-effect brown heel definitely helps these babies blend. What to pair white leather with, you say? Nothing other than an all-white outfit, duh. Long flared trousers and a white vest or sleeveless crop top will do the trick here. All of ABBA approves, they just told me.

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