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Les 10 tenues essentielles pour les voyages d'hiver à Londres

Trenchs, cols roulés, chelsea boots et académies : voici les 10 tenues à emporter à Londres.

Ah, Londres. Vous avez mon cœur. L'un des endroits les plus inspirants et les plus romantiques d'Europe, son immensité et son atmosphère me laissent toujours bouche bée. Sans parler de son mélange détonnant de styles architecturaux, de l'infinité de possibilités et, bien sûr, de la mode.

Une chose qui me gêne vraiment lorsqu'il s'agit de tenues londoniennes, cependant, c'est (sans surprise ici) le maudit temps. Son imprévisibilité, le fait que peu importe à quel point vous pensez vous être préparé, une pluie apocalyptique vous frappera toujours de nulle part. Ou lorsque vous traînez votre parapluie parce que l'application météo sans intérêt de votre téléphone a annoncé qu'il allait pleuvoir, mais que tout ce que vous obtenez, c'est un soleil que vous apprécieriez bien plus avec ces kilos en trop.

Mais trêve de bavardages - Londres est un endroit qui mérite amplement d'être visité plusieurs fois par an si vous en avez l'occasion - de préférence quatre fois, afin de pouvoir profiter de chaque saison dans toute sa gloire. J'ai dressé ci-dessous une liste des 10 articles parfaits à emporter pendant les saisons froides, mais en raison du caractère pluvieux de Londres, la plupart d'entre eux peuvent également être utilisés pendant les mois d'été et de printemps. Donc, si voyager à Londres figure sur votre liste, ne cherchez pas plus loin que ces tenues.

Pensez aux tons terre, aux vestes de costume, aux trench-coats, et à beaucoup d'académisme traditionnel. Si vous me lisez depuis assez longtemps, vous savez que j'essaie toujours d'incorporer un peu de tout cela dans mes blogs - maintenant vous savez pourquoi. Londres est ma source d'inspiration absolue, et maintenant vous allez pouvoir vous habiller comme une vraie locale.

Toutes ces superbes pièces sont disponibles sur notre site avec des réductions allant jusqu'à 30 %.

10 Essential London Travel Outfits


So, first off on our list. Were you expecting this? Of course a pair of reliable chunky chelsea boots would be in the mix. Chelsea is an area of London after all. Because Londoners (and me) love dark versions of fun colors, I've chosen this bottle green hue to get us warmed up. I would definitely combine these with straight, high-waisted black jeans and a trusty roll neck jumper or cardigan.

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I can't think of a more perfect piece to make an outfit instantly classy than brown trench coats. They speak for themselves, really - the broad shoulders, the buttons, the belt, the timelessness of its color - man, I wish it were the 60's and I could just walk around London seeing absolutely everyone in a mac. It'd be sartorial heaven. To make it truly pop, definitely wear a high neck underneath for symmetry. Extra points if you're carrying a briefcase around to match (even if it's empty!).

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When thinking of London fashion, many of you might think of houndstooth patterns or gingham. So why not throw in a pair of ankle booties to embody that? As my third choice, I've chosen these lovely black and white braided ankle booties. Because I love wearing head-to-toe matching outfits, I'd go for black trousers and a white jumper or vice versa. If you like to go darker in winter, some black pleated trousers and a black denim jacket will make these stand out.

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Alright, the time for black vest jackets has come! I love this piece because it's cropped and sleeveless, so you can wear it as an extra layer underneath a big coat or jacket. The fact that this sustainable jacket is quilted already makes me feel warm, cozy and safe, and the pockets are an extra touch that makes this look like you're ready for any sort of weather catastrophe. How to make this piece stand out, you say? A white thermal shirt or roll neck will work, along with some skinny jeans and a pair of high knee chelseas. Don't forget the umbrella!

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Nothing like a good old pair of square toe heel loafers to save the day, am I right? As you might have noticed, Londoners are always wearing office-appropriate attire, whether they're actually going to the office, an errand run, or a Bumble date. These maroon leather loafers stand out to me in particular because of the strong academia aura I get from them. The classy low heel and the fall palette - it's simply stunning. The perfect addition to anyone's London suitcase (or closet).

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I bet you were expecting this one! If there's a trend that has made more waves than anything in the past years, it's the grandpa aesthetic. And this white knit vest is the epitome of it. Its most outstanding quality is probably the v-neck and the 'scacchi' (chess in Italian) pattern that makes it look like a very high-quality hand-me-down. There's several way to wear this, depending on seasonality: one, with a thin turtleneck underneath and a pair of neutral chinos with chelsea or ankle boots. Or another - with nothing underneath, a pair of bermudas and some gorgeous flat loafers with high socks.

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Black combat boots will always make a cameo appearance in my outfit recommendations. This style in particular, with the zipper in the front, is something I have seen quite a lot of around London. It's a safe look and it's comfy - the chunky sole and ankle height make them the perfect choice for a year-round outfit: whether it's floral skirts in the spring or some leather pants in winter. Plus the front zipper, albeit practically useless in essence, definitely adds a cool girl touch!

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Now - if I had to choose one basic piece from this entire article, I would go for this brown turtleneck jumper. Why? Because it's undoubtedly the piece you'll wear the most. Heck - you might even sleep with it if it gets cold enough. It's equal parts essential piece, equal parts walking blanket. I've chosen brown because black and white tend to be overused - whenever you get the chance, go for those in-between fall palettes like brown, grey, burgundy or olive green. This one in particular I like because it's more of a mock neck and it's cropped, which brings out your waist and hips for a flattering fit.

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9. Isobel Onix Black Leather Boots

This is a brand new piece that I'm super excited about! I believe it's also the first pair of black patent boots we have on our site, so there's a fun fact. Patent leather reminds me of the 80s and 90s - that shiny, quality leather feel. Plus, they're not like your trademark ALOHAS boots. These have a spike heel that screams London more than anything else. I would definitely wear these with a pleated mini skirt and a black blazer to match. Be careful with manholes!

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Ah, yes! Another new addition to our gorgeous eco-friendly leather collection. These black cropped leather pants are all the rage right now, and I can see why - they're a London girl's dream. After the puffer jacket resurgence we've seen in the last year, leather pants come in a close second. And why wouldn't they? They literally ooze cool. It might have taken me courage to begin feel like I'm entitled to wearing these, but boy, the confidence boost they provide is like no other. Wear these with a knit vest and a striped shirt underneath for extra empowerment.

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