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10 consejos para llevar un bolso de mano

Puede que pienses que eres una profesional de los accesorios, pero saber cómo llevar un bolso tote es una habilidad esencial. Te contamos cómo.

Cuando uno piensa en bolsas de mano, puede que le vengan a la cabeza las visitas a museos o las compras en el supermercado. Y con razón: son superfuncionales, fáciles de llevar y suelen ser muy resistentes y del tamaño justo. No es de extrañar que estén por todas partes. Sin embargo, lo que no te sueles preguntar es cómo combinar una tote bag. Como adoradora de los tote bags, tiendo a llevarlos sin tener en mente el conjunto que voy a llevar, aunque esto sólo ocurre con los tote bags de lona tradicionales. Ya sabes de las que hablo: esas que compras en un museo y paseas por todas partes para fingir que eres culta pero que, en realidad, sólo han albergado zanahorias, patatas y las llaves de casa.
Sin embargo, hace unos años, los tote bags volvieron a resurgir y empezaron a ser llevados por personas que no eran pseudoartistas. Se inventaron pensando en la practicidad y su origen se remonta al siglo XVII, aunque la palabra "tote" no se generalizó hasta mediados del siglo XX.
Hoy en día, los tote bags se pueden combinar literalmente con cualquier cosa, y eso es lo que vengo a mostrarte. Aquí tienes mis 10 selecciones de bolsos de mano y conjuntos de bolsos de mano, que puedes encontrar en nuestra web con hasta un 30% de descuento si compras de forma sostenible.

10 Tips on How to Style a Tote Bag


This green leather tote bag is one of my absolute favorite pieces. Contrast stitching has been a big part in fashion in the last decade, from trousers to jackets and coats to accessories. For me though, it's all in the color. Nothing says elegance like a strong, dark green. It gives a touch of color to any outfit, but without being too overbearing. The way I imagine myself wearing this is with an all black outfit, a magnificent beige trench coat and some ballet flats. Even better if they're studded!



There's a little bit of a misconception surrounding the fact that tote bags have to be absolutely minimal. We usually only see two types of totes around: a canvas tote bag with a logo or a design, and plain colored ones. But behold! We've come up with the perfect fun tote bag that is just as appropriate for the office as it is for a night out (I know I love to save those extra cloakroom pennies by keeping my coat in my bag). For this silver pleated tote bag, I recommend anything studded or embellished - a pair of kitten heels, for example. Wear a slicked back bun and a puffy sleeved blouse along with some straight black office pants. Très chic!



This gorgeous vegan leather tote is perfect for those who are new to the tote bag world. It's part tote bag, part briefcase, so it's a safe option for any situation where you want to impress. Plus, it's plant-based! Its Italian corn leather origins will definitely make a great talking point, just sayin'! This sunny piece deserves a fresh, spring outfit - I'd go for a green jumper with a floral skirt and some ankle boots.



Another beautifully sculpted contrast stitch piece! This burgundy tote bag is exquisite - its rich, deep burgundy color is impossibly irresistible and makes a perfect gift for all age groups. First things first, you should absolutely wear this with nails to match. If you can't afford the mani, then perhaps another burgundy piece - a leather jacket with big buttons would look like a dream. As for the outfit, go for silver hoops, a pencil skirt and a short sleeved turtleneck. Twin Peaks vibes all the way!



This black leather tote bag is also a star piece for anyone who's looking for something simple they don't have to worry about matching. Plus, it's made from super durable eco-friendly leather, so it's one of those multipurpose tote bags that can carry anything from a heavy laptop to just your phone, keys and sweater. Because it's so versatile, you could go for any look you want, but what I think makes this tote bag worth totin' around a little more is a pair of funky sneakers, a basic hoodless sweatshirt over a shirt and some basic bermudas.


6. Canvas Tote Bag

And here we have it! The awaited basic white canvas tote bag. Canvas is a super resistant material that makes this the perfect piece for carrying heavy boots, clothes, groceries, tools, you name it. It's even good for the beach - in a nutshell, it's always there when you need it. I have a few of these in my closet that I use whenever I know there's a chance of getting them dirty. The perfect outfit for this is honestly a maxi dress with tie straps.



Another wonderfully basic piece for those who dress either to impress or to decompress. I'm loving the corporate briefcase vibe - it makes an outfit so enigmatic. Nobody will know if you work in fashion or finance, which makes this piece particularly fascinating. Here, I'd probably go for that techno-rave-Matrix vibe and wear a leather trench coat with some small, oval 90's sunglasses and some black patent leather combat boots. Extra points for latex - make it look like you just got back from Berlin.



The only place where I like my mustard is fashion! This yellow leather tote bag has a remarkable color that is very much in trend right now. Think gorgeous French chaise longues, but bag version. If you're smart, you'll let this bag be the statement piece of your outfit and tone down the rest with nudes and browns, even throw in a little olive green. I'm thinking a majestic trench coat, a khaki turtleneck and some brown loafers. There - you've won at life.



A bag for true fashionistas - here comes the black tote bag with a gold chain! A very sought-after item, we made it extra special because the chain only takes up half of the strap. It's a proper bag for a proper black outfit - I am envisioning a fur-lined black jacket with unnecessary but nonetheless beautiful belts and buckles. Perhaps also some chunky black sneakers and black office pants to tone it down a notch. Underneath, a cute white turtleneck or short sleeve top if it's warmer in the day.



If I had to recommend an item that is 100% foolproof for any occasion, it would be this brown leather tote bag. Probably because I'm a sucker for things that are pure leather color and not dyed! But also because look at this camel color - quite hard not to fall head over heels for it. I feel like tote bags are quite underrated sometimes because we don't realize how easily they fit into our lifestyle. They're always there for us, and never look out of place by being too small or too big. They're just... Useful. The best fit to wear with this is definitely something white, tan or brown. Picture a cute white blouse with a brown headband, some tan corduroy trousers and cowboy boots. 10/10 for sure.


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