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You’re probably one of the millions around the globe that proudly wear our products every day already… But have you ever considered the opportunity to shape how our products look and feel before they hit the shelves? If you’re eager to get your hands on prototypes and become a valued product tester, you could be exactly who we're looking for.  Send us your application today using the links provided below and become a part of the creative process. 

Apply using only one link that you think is best for you


( 01 ) APPLY

First, tell us about yourself, including your shoe size and preferences.

( 02 ) QUALIFY

Our team will closely review your application and let you know if you meet the requirements for testing! 

( 03 ) TEST

With the information provided, our team will choose the prototypes they think will suit you best. If you agree, they’ll deliver them to you. You’ll get all the details on how to test them, and all you need to do is tell us how it went. Easy! 


What is testing?

Testing is a voluntary program where you get the exclusive opportunity to wear unreleased shoe prototypes tailored to your activities. Your role is to provide timely and valuable feedback on these products.

Is it paid?

No, it’s voluntary and non-remunerative.

What does a tester do?

Based on your preferences, you will be asked to test certain products. Once you confirm availability, you will receive said products and complete a specific amount of usage time. After this, you will provide feedback including quality issues, comfort, overall personal opinion, etc.

What are the next steps after applying?

We’ll review your application to see if there’s a match between your activities and what we require from you. Please keep in mind that we review applications monthly, so answers may not be immediate.

What is testing for?

Testing is key when it comes to developing and ultimately launching any product, especially when it comes to durability and performance. We take our customers’ feedback very seriously, so what better time to use it than before they hit the shelves?

How do I measure my feet?

Here are our detailed guidelines on how to measure your feet at home.

Please indicate the length of your longest foot.

Can I keep the products?

Yes! You will be able to keep the product/s at the end of the testing period.

How do I know if I qualify for testing?

Even if you feel like you might not be the right fit, you won’t lose anything by applying. We review all applications carefully to ensure you’re the right fit for our products. There might be a place for you!

 What are the language requirements to be a tester?

As an international company, we do ask that feedback be provided in English to ensure it’s understood by all collaborators.  

What is the difference between being a product tester and a brand ambassador?

They are quite the opposite. Testers work with unreleased products that must remain confidential. We kindly request that no images or opinions be shared with anyone other than us. This sets the tester role apart from that of a brand ambassador.

What are the T&Cs of the testing program?

You can find our Terms and Conditions for the testing here

What is the Privacy Policy of the testing program?

You can find our Privacy Policy for the testing program here.

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