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5 incredible ALOHAS-designed outfits for winter

From long knit dresses to vintage powersuits and chunky chelsea boots, here's the lowdown on outfits for winter.

1. Bicolor Babe

Are you the indecisive type? Not a problem anymore. There's no doubt about it - word on the street is that when picking outfits for winter, you no longer have to settle for one color. We've got the perfect style for that - our iconic bicolor boot trend. Never heard of it until now? You're welcome.The best way to wear these is being loyal to the two-tone vibe - building an outfit by alternating both colors. In this case, we've gone for our trademark South Bicolor model and our figure-flattering Donna Dress - its mock neck and leg slit is the absolute shape sculpting cherry on top. Thoughts?

2. Parisian Chic

When it comes to basics in outfits for winter, the French simply do it better. Why haul $500 worth of cheap items made from cheap fabric when you can do with 5-10 key basics to use for life? Yes, that's what we thought. For this look you'll need a pair of statement sneakers - we find orange the most unique (that's why nothing rhymes with it). A pair of trusty blue jeans will be your best friend all year, every year. Throw on a basic white top and a black blazer for some contrast, and as for accessorizing - get a sculptural handbag you won't get tired of. Not that we're biased, but we swear by our hexacube-shaped V model.

3. A Tinge of Vintage

Earth tones are synonymous with vintage fashion and outfits for winter, and nothing screams vintage or winter like a bold chocolate brown blazer and plantsuit to go. Pair it with an unbelievably seamless pair of bright green ankle boots and all of a sudden you're the coolest gal at the Bee Gees concert. Dark clothes, light accessories - that' the key. A cream-colored pouch is the winning accessory to brighten up that 1970s-vintage-Americana-weather-newscaster look.

4. (Down to) Earth Tones

Don't get us wrong - we love bold and flashy. But leave that to summertime - the fall and winter seasons are all about earth tones and minimal outfits. It's time to cozy up and put comfort at the forefront of our outfit decision-making. Instead, we're focusing on the small and sophisticated details that truly make outfits for winter unique. In this case, we've gone for some ALOHAS-designed mules with a round wooden heel equal parts stunning, equal parts minimal and comfortable. Some relaxed white office trousers and a brown mock neck with semi-puffy sleeves are the key to a 10/10 polished winter outfit.

5. Slicked Back Monochrome

If there's one thing that the Matrix movies have taught us, it's that for anything black and anything leather, more is more. These Berlin-techno-rave-slash-men-in-black-inspired outfits for winter will never ever go out of style. Starting from the bottom, we're going for some very chunky high knee boots, followed by black shorts and a black long sleeve top (it can only be shorts - you want to show off those legs)! Top it off with a (black) sculptural handbag, some black shades and - the CRUCIAL step - a slicked-back ponytail. Keanu Reeves could never.

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