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These Are the Most Fashionable Ways to Style a Cardigan

One doesn't know anything until they know how to style a cardigan. Here's how this underrated piece can work wonders for you.

1. All the Neutral Shades

There's something about cardigans that takes us back to simpler times - where neutral shades were king - think academia vibes: corduroy, blazers, chelsea boots - you name it. This is exactly what I'm trying to channel here - simple colors in wool or cotton fabrics. For this outfit, the idea is to pair our gorgeous Expresso Cardigan in black with some matching wide knit pants, combining it with a basic white top underneath and some beige and tan ankle boots to match. It's simple, elegantly understated and easily combinable.

2. Co-ord Is The New World Order

For outfit number two, I've taken images of two very beautiful co-ord sets available on our website - one in black and one in nutmeg brown. I used to not be a fan of monochrome outfits; I found them quite tacky. But hey ho - upon seeing these beauties in all their glory, I changed my mind. So grab your bestie and match the hell out of this outfit. The star piece here is our brown cardigan with buttons - it has a nice neck and it can be worn as a top or with a basic top underneath. Slip on some chunky velcro sandals (yes, you can wear these with socks in the winter, it's a thing now) and you're all set.

3. 90's Glam

Now here's where it gets fun. We've moved away from that antiquated, French grandfather fashion that I am so fond of. Times are changing, baby! This fit reminds of me of a time somewhere in between the 90s and 00s. Early Britney style. Our protagonist piece is the gorgeous Witty Glim Magenta, a pink cardigan with shimmer. It's sexy because you can only tie it way at the top, thus exposing your belly (if that's what you're going for). If not, you can absolutely wear a top or bodysuit underneath to match. Because the cardigan is long and figure flattering, I would instantly recommend wearing it with a matching bag and white bermudas for a sunny look. Add some Britney-style boxing braids and voilá!

4. Girl Next Door

This look is similar to the last one but it's a lot more laid back. Our gorgeous beige cardigan is also shimmery, but subtly so. I figure the best way to pair this is with some loose fit, high waisted jeans to make the look more casual. It shows you have style but aren't all about the glitz and glamor, necessarily. Plus, champagne colors really bring our hair and eye color. You heard it here first!

5. Sunkissed Fits

For this last look, I've combined the vibe from the two previous looks and jazzed it up a little - the idea behind it? Defying the notion that beige can't be combined with bold shades! Here, I've combined the subtle glitz of our Witty beige cardigan, matched it with a beige pouch and added the surprising flare in the trousers. At first glance, they're a basic pair of white high waisted jeans but... What's that? Orange dip dye? In trousers? That's right, and it looks iconic.

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