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Keep an eye on these 10 key trends for fall/winter

Neutral tones, basic tanks, trench coats & lots of leather. Discover the winning trends for fall winter.

When it comes to trends for fall winter, it’s easy for one to claim they have the secret recipe for a 10/10 top to bottom look.

While we’re seeing a lot of bold and quirky trends come and go this season, some so-called experts fail at differentiating the 'unique, interesting and worth their time' trends from the 'clearly fleeting' ones.

In our case, however, we know we have the secret recipe. Why? Because we’re the ones who created it. That’s right - here, it’s us who set the trends. And we’re predicting this fall winter season to be full of minimalism, classiness and sophistication. Blacks, whites, neutral tones, and a lot of leather will be taking the streets. Not just this, but high heeled boots are still in, and combat boots aren't going anywhere either.

Touches of vintage and 70’s-evoking silhouettes are also prominent - think tailored suit vests, patchwork and contrast stitching. For basics, we’re loving the cutout trend on tops and dresses. But the clear winner of all is, in my opinion, the lady detective beige trench coat. It’s probably the most timeless piece I own, and it just gets better with age. My mom has one, my grandma had one, and my great-grandma did too (and I know this because I’ve inherited mine from her).

And with that, let’s begin - let me walk you through the top fall winter trends that I think will be the center of attention these months to come.

These are the Only Trends for Fall Winter You Need to Know About


When it comes to high knee boots, black is always your best bet. It never goes out of style, and nobody's going to judge you for wearing black head to toe. In fact, the amount of black you wear is directly proportional to how together your life is. True facts. Definitely pair these babies with a short skirt and a long coat. As for the accessories, simplicity is key - a pair of statement sunglasses, a slicked back bun and some hoop earrings will hit the spot.

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Alright, you got me - beige trench coats are everything to me. I don't know if it's because I've seen my family wear these for generations and they make me feel safe, or because I just dig the whole Sherlock Holmes vibe. Either way, British mac coats are everything that's right in life, and you better believe it. For me, the best way to combine these is with a roll neck or mock neck jumper, best if it's in neutral or earth tones like brown, beige, olive green, brown, or even pastels (mustard yellow, anyone?).

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I'm pretty sure that nobody does colorblock boots like we do. Not only that, but our eco-friendly, LWG-certified leather is the stuff of dreams. In this case, we created the South Evergreen - green ankle boots born from the popularity that our East model had. Because why not make an ankle boot version of our best selling high knees? The green hue in these is light enough to brighten any look, but its olive tonalities also make it easily combinable. Plus, every time I wear these all I get is compliments. It's simply hard to ignore the joy that looking at these brings.
Because we want to make these the outfit's main characters, I'd go for an all black, brown or white outfit.

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Woah! If you think I forgot about basic pieces, you're dead wrong. Some people (more than I care to admit) are extremely bad at having essentials like white tank tops in their wardrobes. When you have too many statement pieces, you run out of ways to combine them gracefully. When you own around five to ten key pieces in neutral colors, however, a whole new world of fashion opens up for you. That's why I want to to put the spotlight on white cami tops and everything they've ever done for us. Wear these under a cardigan with a soft wool scarf, or even on their own with a pair of low-rise jeans.

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If you've been reading these blogs for a while (the couple months they've been alive for, that is) then you know I'm obsessed with combat boots. I must admit, in my teenage years I was definitely not a fan - I thought they looked too 'rough'. But somewhere in my early twenties I fell head over heels for a pair of black combat boots I saw once and to this day, I still can't take them off. They're super versatile and they define a whole look, but they're not limiting like one would think. I have worn these with floral dresses, flares, denim, and my favorite - bermuda shorts. They make me feel empowered and like I have somewhere to go.

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Here's another garment I was never a fan of - leather jackets with zippers. I thought they were for bikers only, and never felt really attached to them. But when I saw one of my close friends at university wear one, I saw a whole different side to them. I love especially ones like this one - slightly asymmetrical, where one side of the collar is under the zipper. Because there's no other way, I would go for an all-leather look with this one. Some leather shorts or leggings and black combat boots will do the trick. Vroom vroom!

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Oh, I do love me some patchwork boots. Nothing like this model, probably one of the most unique we have and that I have ever seen. Fun fact: these are the first ALOHAS boots I ever had. I simply adore that shape sculpting block heel with the wooden effect, and the mix of blue, brown, burgundy, beige and cream is probably the most satisfying color coordination I've ever seen. These boots need to be the outfit's main piece, so I would 100% wear them with a cute slip dress, which is what I've seen influencers usually go for.

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Finally, a piece I've been rooting for forever, but is only now being perceived as 'cool'. I remember having suit vest hand-me-downs since I was a kid - something in me told me they'd come in handy someday. And indeed, they did. One thing I love about these tailored waistcoats is how unexpectedly flattering they are. They give you nice looking arms and they make your waist look smaller too. They're good to wear with either nothing or a thin jumper underneath, but also work with layers. Essentially like a top, but make much much more of a statement. My favorite way to wear this, you ask? Tailored trousers to match, a pair of coffee-colored high knee boots and some suede gloves.

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This wouldn't be a good trend report without some accessories in the mix! And big tote bags are among my all time faves. This recently-launched model has everything I ever wished for - matte green leather and contrast stitching. Funnily enough, stitch tote bags have only recently started to become a thing - first it was workwear stitched jeans and jackets, now it's made its way to bags. And oh, how sophisticated it looks. I am getting my mom this bag for Christmas, FYI. Also, in case you didn't know, big bags are back in style. Tell your friends.

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So - we've been seeing a lot of cutout dresses and tops on the runway. Personally, it always felt to me like a trend that wouldn't stick around. But wouldn't you know it, it's still going strong and it's growing on me. I'm especially a fan of cutout backs and waists - they're incredibly flattering when worn properly. For this piece, I've chosen one of our most iconic black dresses - a mock neck, a single waist cutout with an adjustable elastic string, and a ton of flare. Thoughts?

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