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Whether Single or Taken, Dazzle in These Valentine's Day Outfits

Heels, gold jewelry, and lots of red: here's 10 Valentine's Day outfits ideas to feel your best, whether single or taken.

Are you one of those people that think Valentine’s Day is overrated, or do you love celebrating it regardless of relationship status? I’ve always been a cynic with holidays like these, but honestly, after going out on Galentine’s Day just for laughs, it’s steadily become a tradition that I don’t feel like giving up just yet. Whether your intention is to snatch up a potential partner at a club or just feel your best self, there’s always something rewarding about celebrating it.

And of course, with that comes the necessary evil of choosing a Valentine’s Day outfit. But don’t fret - I am here to save everyone’s day. My Valentine’s Day outfits ideas are not for the simple-minded - they’re designed for those who want to take it up a notch, regardless of if you’re going clubbing, to a casual dinner, or fully staying in.

Besides the obvious choice of red, there’s many other color combinations that can be just as fiery for February 14th and won’t necessarily be cheesy clichés.

Discover the outfits I’ve put together for this very romantic day - I’ve got pinks, reds, purples, nudes and a dash of shimmer. Whether you’re practicing self-care or letting yourself be pampered by your S.O., the one thing that won’t be on your mind this V-day is what to wear.
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10 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas


Let's get the clichés out of the way first, I say. If you want a lucky outfit, at least one color of love has got to be in the mix. These pink and red pumps work regardless of whether you're having a home cooked dinner or going out to a modern eatery. I recommend making this the statement piece of the outfit, so go for something minimal on top, like some black pleated trousers, a white blouse, and some gold jewelry to match.

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This is the sexy dress par excellance. With a satin finish effect, this white draped dress has a low plunge that exceeds all Valentine's Day expectations. Wear it with some Lorelai Gilmore style high knee boots to a fancy dinner, or feel sensual at home with your favorite long cardigan and slippers. The choice is yours, but - no matter what you do - wear a statement necklace!

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In case you were doubtful, I'm here to tell you that you absolutely need to add a little shimmer to your step. And these pink glitter boots do just that. If your plan is to hit the nightclubs on the night of the 13th, these babies are guaranteed to turn heads and make them - literally - fall head over heels for you. If that's not exactly the vibe you're going for, don't fret - this beautiful pair still holds up well enough on its own. Match it with a champagne-colored dress, some dainty jewelry, and watch the magic happen.

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Don't mind me, I'm just sprinkling some reds and pinks here and there! If you want to exude passion on Valentine's Day but can't be bothered to wear pointed heels, these pink and red leather ankle boots are just the solution. Make this look casual by wearing some flared jeans and a turtleneck jumper. If it's cold where you are, throw on a red beret for a 10/10 outfit.

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When you don't like to go for the traditional reds but also don't want to commit to a standard black and white, a sleeveless champagne dress is your best friend. Even better if it's slightly sheer and shimmery! Because champagne is such an ambiguous color, it can be matched with gold or silver jewelry (even both together, if you dare to try and pull it off!). Top this look off with a velvety blazer jacket and you're all set.

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Okay, here it comes! If you were looking to absolutely stun everyone, go for this black cutout dress - you'll thank me later, I promise. This absolute bombshell piece has a cute slit on the hip that flatters your figure beyond imagination. I would recommend wearing this dress with a pair of high knees or even a pair of strappy heel sandals. For this look, a simple and sleek clutch handbag definitely works best.

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7. Bellini Red Leather Sandals

Of course some red strappy heels were going to be in the mix! This is a great pair to wear year round and whip out to surprise everyone on Valentine's Day. They're super light, comfy, and adapt well to your feet. I definitely think they're elegant enough on their own, so I would recommend wearing this with something just as or more minimal - a Kate Moss-inspired black slip dress comes to mind here. Thoughts?

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As the name suggests, this pink knit midi dress is perfect to go out and hit the dancefloor. It's sheer and it's shimmery, so make sure to wear some sexy underwear (or none at all). If you're going to be dancing all night, you might want to invest in some embellished ballet flats - so you don't have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. Or even better - pair these with some sexy strappy heels and switch to the ballerinas when you're tired. It's a win-win!

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I wasn't going to make a whole Valentine's Day blog entry without some accessories! And this gold chain pearl necklace is no exception. Undoubtedly one of my favorite things at ALOHAS, this piece is equal parts dainty, elegant, understated and sophisticated. What does this mean, you ask? It means it's a winner with absolutely everybody - wear it to dinner with the in-laws, or give it to your mom as a gift - there's absolutely no way to go wrong with this. For a gorgeously glamorous Grace Kelly look, I would go for a sleeveless black dress and some thin strappy heels.

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And for the grand finale, what else besides a breathtaking accessory. This red leather clutch is among the best of the best I've seen around, and it's quite obvious why - there's nothing like the touch of high-quality leather (especially when it's in a bold, bright color). Honestly, I could stare at this for days. If you know your fashion, then you know that the only way to sport this is with an all black (or just monochromatic) outfit, to make this lucky piece stand out like it should.

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