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10 Super Festive New Year's Outfits Ideas

Glitter, shimmer, and a lot of hot pink: these 10 New Year's outfits ideas will carry you into 2023 in style

Looking to step into 2023 in style? Look no further for inspiration with our New Year’s outfit ideas.

In the last couple of years, most of us celebrated New Year’s Eve at home, in our sweatpants and slippers and with a hot mug of cocoa (who are we kidding, there was definitely some liquor in there). But this year, it’s time to go all out! Think dresses, heels, glitter, shimmer, and infinite embellishment. Silver, hot pink and crystals are our favorites here.
If you’re above a nice dress and a pair of heels, that’s fine too. A sleek blazer and pleated trousers is always a safe bet, no doubt. However - bear in mind that there’s absolutely no pressure to go out this New Year’s Eve. In my case, for instance, I love to hang out at home with family and friends, have some wine and play board games. There’s always this huge expectation to go out and have a big one, and that’s a lot of pressure. Plus, you don’t need to dress up just to go out. You can always add that extra touch of sparkle to your at home party looks. Manifest the vibes you want to carry into 2023 and make them a reality!

Whether you’re going out or staying home, treat yourself to some glamor in these top 10 New Year’s Eve picks. And remember, if you are going out, wear a warm jacket! Thes sheer dresses below will definitely not keep you warm.

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10 Festive New Year's Outfit Ideas


I warned you, didn't I? Embellished heels play a big part in New Year's looks. Plus, wearing any kind of gemstone (especially if you're not a jewelry gal) makes any outfit a lucky one. This baby blue pair with a pointed toe particularly stands out to me. It's true that when we think of outfits for New Year, reds and blacks will come to mind. But why not throw in a little sophisticated pastel? Never be afraid to go for something unconventional.

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2. Breezy Glim Magenta

Of course a sheer pink sustainable dress was going to make an appearance this time around. This one is an especially good pick if you're celebrating in Los Angeles or anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere, but hey ho! If you're up North like me, layers are your best friend. Some skin-colored tights, perhaps even ankle socks if you're going for boots - and a very furry coat will work wonders on this do. Also, if you're feeling Great Gatsby-y, go for some elbow-length gloves!

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Bring on the shimmer! These sparkly boots have been making waves ever since they were launched and I totally get why. I love the cosmic vibe that these give, plus the fact that I can't picture any scenario where they wouldn't look good. Because these would be the main characters of the outfit, you can definitely tone down the rest with some nice pleated trousers and a black blazer, for instance. Perhaps a nice belt and a scarf to match. Rest assured, however, that you'll be the center of attention of any event you choose to attend.

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This classic piece is what I wore on New Year's Eve last year! This black and white check dress features our signature 'scacci' (chess in Italian) pattern, which is basically houndstooth but cooler. I especially adore the shape of the neck and the semi-puffy sleeves. The length and the little slit at the back are also super flattering. I would wear this with some embellished ballerinas or a pair of black strappy heels. Also, if you choose to stay home and play board games, you're already in costume!

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These are the black crystal mules I was just talking about! This chic pair is versatile insofar as they can be worn plainly in summer or in winter with a pair of black tights. The cute little diamonds make for a stunning companion to any dress, whether plain or glitzy. But as for me, I would go for a black slip dress, or even slightly sequined. Your choice though.

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Here it is! The star piece of this article. A shimmer handbag to remember. This hexacube-shaped handbag makes me want to stare at it all night. It's almost like it's capable of granting me wishes. So, if you were looking for a lucky charm to add to your outfits, this is it. Pair it with an all-black ensemble or accessorize with silver-only jewelry to keep the momentum going.

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When I say 'go all out' it doesn't mean you have to wear heels! These embellished ballerinas are a great option for those who seek glamor without sacrificing comfort. Plus, they're a great Christmas gift for moms, sisters and friends alike. This super classy pair has a square toe that just immediately makes you look elegant. I would show off the legs with this one and wear a midi or mini dress or skirt with either a cropped blazer to accentuate the waist or a furry coat with a shawl. Thoughts?

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When it comes to New Year's Eve outfits, less is definitely more. We want to start the year off on a minimal note, and that can only mean one thing - tiny handbags. This pink mini bag has enough room to fit your phone, keys, and all your New Year's resolutions. Wear it with an all pink outfit if you dare, or all black (with nothing underneath) for a more dramatic look.

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9. Bellini Pink

The Bellini are among our top best sellers, and honestly they're a no-brainer for me. These pink lace up heels have just enough lace for an understated look (you know you hate it when shoes come with so much lace you don't know what to do with it) and a dramatic heel that is surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in. Plus, the pearly pink shade of this model in particular is the stuff of dreams, and works with or without a tan. I'd go for a black midi dress with this one and a cropped pink cardigan to match.

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My final item is for those dauntless New Year party fiends who want to go all out on the dancefloor (as the name suggests). It gets hot in there, so this black glitter shoulderless dress is just the thing. Wear a pair of statement pumps, a small handbag and once inside, leave your furry coat in the cloakroom - it's going to be a big night, so it's easier to not have to keep an eye on your belongings.

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