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Let Us Tell You How to Style Chelsea Boots This Fall/Winter

If you needed inspo on how to style chelsea boots... We've got you covered for the season. Read below.

1. Back to Basics

We know, we know. Maximalism is kind of irresistible. But guess what - we're conscious grown ups now (or at least we try to be). So even though it feels nice to mix and match quirky, colorful outfits, it's also important to have key basics built to last, rather than random pieces we might only wear a handful of times. Just sayin'. So for this look, we've gone for black shades with brown undertones. Starting with some of our fave chelsea boots in the 'Nutty Black' color combo, we're pairing it with a soft and warm black roll neck that you can combine with black jeans or a denim skirt (extra points for leather or latex, grrr!). The cherry on top to this look is a gorgeous sculptural handbag.

2. A Vision in Nude

I know I'm repeating myself, but I will simply never tire of saying it: white is not summer or spring-only. If you let them, light colors will be your best friends during fall and winter. Our chelsea boots are no exception. Think chunky, thick soles that adapt perfectly to your feet. A pair of fuzzy socks with your favorite print. Sound like a dream?
For this look, we recommend a darker piece on top for some contrast. Gilmore Girl-y chocolatey browns or pale nudes will do the trick. Can you tell this is my favorite color palette?

3. A Trip to Bordeaux

Well hello there, burgundy! Truly the most timeless of all. Our go-to color for nails, shoes, handbags, sweaters, and alcohol choices. There's simply no way of going wrong with it. It has a richness to it that cannot be manifested through prose or rhyme. So - let's pair a big ol' pair of chunky burgundy chelseas with some statement black bermudas and a cute black long sleeve body-hugging top. To do it the French way and no other, wear a solid blazer jacket (preferably one that goes down to your ankles). Accessorize with a dainty gold necklace, hoops or pearls and voilà!

4. All Out Black

I'll say it again - black will never go out of style. Anything even remotely resemblant to Keanu Reeves in the Matrix or a Berlin techno rave is always cool: please internalize this information. The chelsea boots for this outfit, therefore, simply have to be high knees. For a striking outfit, we'd pair these with a black mini skirt (go for a bodycon dress if you're feeling adventurous). Our idea is layers on top, skin on bottom. So get a chunky roll neck that says you mean business, and let's roll. The final item we'd pair this fit with is an enigmatically shaped hexacube handbag that'll have everyone asking questions.

5. Together in Chocolate Dreams

Brown (and all its variations) has probably got to be my favorite color of the season (or even year - I was wearing brown dresses and tops only a couple months ago!). For this look, we're going monochrome, baby! Starting off with my personal favorites: chunky high knee chelsea boots. Look at that sole and that grip! You could tread through deep snow in these (probably, I don't know). I love to give an outfit some vintage academia vibes, so here I'm going for a plaid skirt (or similar), a basic, crisp white shirt and a brown blazer. As for the bag, something fluffy, cute and fun-sized, but just big enough to fit in all your hopes and dreams.

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