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The Top 10 Paris Travel Outfit Essentials

Ballerina flats, trench coats, and cardigans: these are the 10 outfits to pack for Paris

Mais oui! Of course we were going to do a blog entry for Paris outfits! How could we not, after our super successful pop-up last year?

When it comes to fashion, nobody does it better than the French. Especially Parisians. Not only that, but they embody the aesthetic of minimalism, which is - repeat after me - timeless. Their subtle, understated, unassumingly effortless style is core in the fashion world, and we are seeing the influence of Paris style clothing constantly - it’s so representative that it can get to the point of cliché, but we still wear it because it’s iconic. From the traditional sailor striped tops and jumpers, to loafers and ballet flats, it’s no wonder this type of fashion has pervaded the world and lasted through centuries and centuries.

So, as an ode to one of the four fashion capitals of the world, read on to be inspired by our selection of outfits to wear in Paris, the city of love, where you’ll fit right in. From cozy cardigans to sculptural handbags, ballet flats and simple sneakers, find the Parisian style that works for you. Plus, you can find all these outfits on our website at up to 30% off when you shop sustainably!

10 Essential Paris Travel Outfits


It ain't French if it isn't a good long black cardigan. This style is the ultimate go-to whether you're in a hurry or you've actually planned the outfit - one can never tell. This basic piece is the perfect companion for those who want to pack smartly for their Paris trip - its versatility allows for it to be combined with anything, from jeans and sneakers to a pencil skirt and tall boots.

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The French love a good, solid pattern! And nothing says that more than this black and white mini bag. The perfect way to spice up the traditional blue and white stripe sailor look, this bag offers a clean design while remaining chic and trendy. This particular model is one of those bags that just happens to be the perfect size - big enough for big days out, tourism, walks, you name it - but also perfect for going out. Whether it's your too-big-for-your-own-good-phone, or the lanyard with your infinite keychains.

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Loafers have been around for ages and they're absolutely not going anywhere. In actual times, however, we've given them a modern spin and adapted them to the needs of our shorter *cough* population. These brown platform loafers have everything one could want - chunky track soles for perfect grip, a gorgeous, chocolatey brown leather body, and lots of Parisian charm. I'd take these with me anywhere.

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4. Luke Onix Wine Burgundy Leather Ballet Flats

These burgundy patent leather ballet flats came out recently and they are an absolute dream. Forget Mary Janes, the new kid on the block has a 1cm heel. This shoe takes me back to the 50s (movies set in the 50s, anyway) because of their French schoolgirl appeal. To think the shoes that Madeline wore would make such a strong comeback! I am absolutely enamored with the triple buckle detail - definitely gives these babes an edge.

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Ask anyone - blazers in any shape or form are synonymous with French culture. It's the crisp, simple yet elegant blazer neck that sculpts our cheekbones that is so attractive to me. This is why a long black blazer coat is the perfect piece to throw over any outfits for Paris. Plus, you can dress it up or down as much as you like. If it's spring, go for a maxi floral skirt, some suede ankle boots and a light cardigan. For winter, a basic or striped turtleneck and some corduroy pants with loafers will do the trick.

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And voilà, these are some of my favorite shoes at ALOHAS by far. These brown leather flats with laces look just like a proper ballerina shoe - no heel and comfortable material that cocoons your foot topped off with dainty little laces. What's especially ballerina-esque is the tip of the shoe, but don't be fooled - these are not just for small, delicate feet. As I've mentioned previously, I have wide set feet and a bunion on my left foot and these still fit like a dream. Definitely size up if you're unsure. But let's not get carried away - I'd wear these with some crop knit trousers and a matching sweater. Make them the main characters of your look.

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If there's one thing I know about the French, it's that they're masters of outfit combinations. That's the beauty and core of our philosophy: having few items that will last you a lifetime and learning how to mix and match them in endless ways. Ask every French person (I know I have) and they'll all tell you they have a pair of basic white sneakers in their wardrobe, to name one example. These brown and white leather sneakers have a particular, understated detail I like - the patch of raw tan leather. Wear them with skinny or flared jeans and a cropped bomber jacket for some edge.

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Of course you were going to see a brown trench coat here! Although originally associated to the British, it is now absolutely a part of Parisian culture, and it's not going anywhere. I find it hard to think of a reason to dislike these, especially because they're not just elegant but also oh-so useful. Plus, you get to fulfill your Ms. Holmes fantasy, and honestly I can't think of anything better. Pair these with a strong pair of flat loafers and a pantsuit. You'll thank me later.

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Speaking of basic pieces - a black leather pouch is an absolute must. It's one of those bags that you never lose because of its long and sturdy strap, and you can wear it under your coat to avoid any surprises while you stroll down the Parisian boulevards. Equal parts chic and multifunctional, you can take a piece like this out for errands, to meet your in-laws, or to the dingiest nightclub out there.

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As you've probably gathered from the previous nine looks, the French love understated and elegant detail. Take these black braided ankle boots - they're a basic piece but they have the added detail of braided leather, which looks wonderful. I would definitely recommend showing these babies off to the world! I recommend flared office pants with a slight crop. For a sleek and flattering look, wear a bodysuit to match and some gold jewelry.

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